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Gala Event Tickets


On this page you can buy Rover tickets for our March 2024 Steam Gala event. Buy Onine in advance at cheaper prices than you would pay on the day. Tickets for ordinary operating days cannot be purchased on this page. Click HERE to buy tickets for our non-event dates.

Please see the main website for details of all our tickets.

Please note that the purchase of Rover tickets in advance does not give you reserved seats or priority boarding on any train. You can travel on any of our ordinary trains on the day of your visit.

How to book your Rover tickets:

1) Choose the date of your visit on the calendar grid below. You can buy tickets for dates coloured green. The tickets will be dated for the date you have chosen and cannot be used on any other date. However, once you have made your booking, if you subsequently need to the change the date of your booking you can do so by contacting us via email - details of how to do this will be on your booking confirmation. 

2) Choose the tickets you require.

  • Adult = All passengers aged 16 years of over, unless considered a concession (see below).
  • Concession = Persons aged 65 years or over, Students with a Student ID Card, Holders of an English National Bus Pass, Holders of a National Rail Senior or Disabled Railcard. You will need to show your ID or card to prove entitlement when collecting your tickets.
  • Child = Children aged 5 to 15 years of age inclusive. There is no charge for children under the age of 5.
  • For Family tickets where you buy tickets for adults and children travelling together, the adult members of the group can also be concessions.  

Members can also buy tickets online - you must be a Member and will be required to enter your Member Card Number during the booking process. If you choose those tickets you will need to show your valid membership card when you collect your tickets.

If you are visiting for more than one day then a 2, 3 or 4 day ticket may be better value. A 2 or 3 day ticket can be used on any 2 or 3 days of the event - you do not need to specify the 2nd or 3rd date at the time of booking.

3) Check you agree to the Terms and Conditions of booking. They detail your cancellation, refund and amendment rights, amongst other important details. There will be a tick box during the booking process which also provides a link to them.

4) Once booked you will be sent a confirmation email and reference number, which you will need to bring with you when you come, in order to collect your tickets.

Special Note: Visitors who wish to use the Carer Free Ticket scheme, who also wish to purchase their tickets in advance to benefit from the advance booking discount, can find out about how to book here.

Booking tickets for: 

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1 Day tickets are valid only for the date you choose above. Check you select correct date.
Different prices apply on different days. CHECK YOU HAVE SELECTED CORRECT DATE ABOVE.
1 Day - Adult
£28.00 £0.00
1 Day - Concession
£24.00 £0.00
1 Day - Child aged 5 to 15
£14.00 £0.00
1 Day - 1 Adult & 1 Child Travelling Together
£35.00 £0.00
1 Day - 2 Adults & up to 3 Children travelling together
£70.00 £0.00
1 Day - Adult Member
£20.00 £0.00
1 Day - Senior Member
£17.00 £0.00
1 Day - Child Member
£10.00 £0.00
Rover Tickets for any 2 days of the event.
Any 2 Days - Adult
£58.00 £0.00
Any 2 Days - Concession
£49.00 £0.00
Any 2 Days - Child aged 5 to 15
£29.00 £0.00
Any 2 Days - 1 Adult & 1 Child Travelling Together
£72.50 £0.00
Any 2 Days - Adult Member
£41.50 £0.00
Any 2 Days - Senior Member
£34.50 £0.00
Any 2 Days - Child Member
£20.00 £0.00
Rover Tickets for any 3 days of the event.
Any 3 Days - Adult
£76.50 £0.00
Any 3 Days - Concession
£65.00 £0.00
Any 3 Days - Child aged 5 to 15
£38.50 £0.00
Any 3 Days - 1 Adult & 1 Child Travelling Together
£95.50 £0.00
Any 3 Days - Adult Member
£55.00 £0.00
Any 3 Days - Senior Member
£46.00 £0.00
Any 3 Days - Child Member
£27.00 £0.00
Rover Tickets for all 4 days of the event.
All 4 Days - Adult
£95.00 £0.00
All 4 Days - Concession
£81.00 £0.00
All 4 Days - Child
£47.50 £0.00
All 4 Days - 1 Adult & 1 Child Travelling Together
£119.00 £0.00
All 4 Days - Adult Member
£68.50 £0.00
All 4 Days - Senior Member
£57.00 £0.00
All 4 Days - Child Member
£33.50 £0.00
Total:   £0.00

If you have any problems using our booking system, or want to ask any questions before making your booking, please e-mail us at

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