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MNR Voucher £5

MNR Voucher £5


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Gift Vouchers can be used to buy things on the day for train travel, gift shop items and the buffet.

The Gift Vouchers can also be used for purchasing special train tickets, such as dining and musical trains and for driver experience days

1.Gift vouchers expire after one year of purchase.
2.Gift vouchers cannot be used for purchasing tickets for The Polar Express Train Ride or the Flying Scotsman Experience or other special named event.
3.The full amount of the voucher should be used in one transaction and no change will be given nor can they be exchanged for cash.
Using Gift Vouchers to book tickets: Please visit the Dereham Booking Office when open or contact us through info@mnr.org.uk or 01362851723 (Monday-Friday 10am-2pm).