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Prehistoric Jewellery Making
Course tutor: Emma Jones
Thursday 1 August
10.00am – 4.00pm
£95, incl car-parking ticket
8 spaces
Workshop suitable for ages 16+

Create your own Stone Age jewellery using a range of techniques that would have been available to makers over 10,000 years ago!
Description: Find out how people in the Stone Age used a range of materials to create personal ornamentation, from beads, pendants and animal carvings!
To set the scene, our day will begin with an introductory talk into personal ornamentation in the Stone Age. We’ll take a closer look at what artefacts have been found in Britain, what they’re made from and how experimental archaeology can help to better understand how these objects were made. You’ll then spend the day doing some experiential archaeology, working with a range of stone age tools to discover how these Stone Age artefacts would have been made to create some Stone Age jewellery of your own to take home.
What can these artefacts tell us about our Stone Age ancestors? Why was it important to them to make jewellery? And how long would it have taken them? Find out at this workshop!
About your tutor: Emma Jones specialises in creating replica prehistoric jewellery from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age and is fascinated by the tools and techniques our prehistoric makers would have used to create the artefacts that have been found across the UK.
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Prehistoic Jewellry Making
Thu 01 Aug 2024 (10:00)

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